North Academy is an independent special assistance school for young people who have disconnected from education. We focus on flexible and innovative teaching and take pride in our North Education Model.

Our focus is to support young people completing year 9 and 10 and provide them with an engaging learning environment. We believe all young people should have equal access and opportunity to education despite their circumstances.

At North Academy, doing school differently is what we do best. We specialise in trauma-sensitive and developmentally aware education and offer small class sizes and shorter days for a small number of young people. This allows us to dedicate time to all students ensuring their academic, physical and emotional needs are met.

We aim to provide a safe and welcoming space in which our young people can experience acceptance, healthy connections and form positive relationships during their educational journey in order to thrive again.

Our exceptional team are trained in trauma informed practices, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and are equipped to best care for each and every young person attending North Academy.

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North Academy will change the way you think about education.

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