The North Education Model was established to support young people who have been disconnected from education. It is focused on recognising the impact of trauma, developmental conditions, and mental health needs on an individual’s ability to learn.

We have five regular program elements that aim to promote healthy connections and relationships, boost cognitive function, rebuild social and emotional skills and improve coping strategies which are incorporated into our daily schedule.

Embedded in our curriculum are our daily elements that all students will participate in:

Circle Time: Building fundamental healthy connections so healing may occur, and learning can begin.

Move: Physical exercise is proven to stimulate neurogenesis, enhancing cognitive function, concentration, and on-task behaviour.

Brain Breather: Mindful awareness practice changes how our body and brain respond to stress, preparing the nervous system ready to learn.

Brain Boost: Mental exercise helps and reshapes through the power of neuroplasticity, improving the speed of thought, decision-making, cognitive function and memory.

Replay: Strategies that develop social and emotional skills in young people allowing them to better cope with stressful situations, providing a better educational experience.

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