Our Vision

Belonging, Hope and Positive Futures

Our Mission

We serve individuals, families, communities and government agencies. We are committed to addressing safety and growth needs so that we empower people to reach their full potential. Our services are flexible and characterised by innovation and best practice.

Our Education Philosophy

Our Educational Philosophy is driven by the need to ensure that all young people, regardless of their circumstances, are given the opportunity to learn and thrive in education.

We are passionate about providing alternate education to young people who may have experienced trauma or have a behavioural, cognitive, or mental health diagnosis together with histories of educational and life disadvantage.

We see young people and teachers working alongside each other as collaborators and co-creators. Our model of operation builds meaningful relationships, boosts academic achievement and wellbeing, whilst our flexible, safe, and inclusive environment positively changes the way young people feel about education.

Our young people will develop confidence in their capacity to accomplish meaningful life outcomes and an overall belief in their ability to succeed as dynamic members of the global community.

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