Who can attend?

North Academy is a small school ideally suited to young people who:

  • Are looking for a school who does it differently
  • Found that mainstream school did not meet your needs
  • Will benefit from tailored support and interventions
  • May have social, emotional and/or behavioural challenges
  • May have missed literacy and numeracy fundamental
  • Are ready to invest in themselves and their education
  • Are looking to enrol in either year 9 or 10

Eligibility criteria

North Academy is a Special Assistance School, we are different to a special needs school.

Young people will need to apply, meet certain eligibility criteria and have an interview with the Principal and support team before being accepted.

Filling out the online form does not guarantee a position within the school.

Supporting Individuals

To ensure everyone receives the best assistance, we will work with you to understand individual needs. This will include gathering details on:

  • Previous schooling history
  • Learning, health and behavioural diagnosis
  • Existing strategies, supports and adjustments

How to get started?

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North Academy will change the way you think about education.

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